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Why Most “Diets” Fail, But You Don’t Have To

Whether aware of it or not, most individuals are on a perpetual, yo-yo diet; teetering between restrictive and binge eating, making more “exceptions” than healthy choices and always on the lookout for the next quick fix to our weight troubles. The problem with diets is that they are temporary. They don’t equip you with the tools and knowledge to create lasting, maintainable change within your body.


We are constantly flooded with books, articles, magazines, websites, advertisements and health professionals that want to tell us the newest, quickest and best way to eat. I do not claim to have the scientific knowledge or degree of a registered dietitian or nutritionist, but I do know that because of the instant gratification world we live in – where time is money, the single most important factor in creating a maintainable, healthful eating lifestyle is convenience. It’s easy to drum up motivation for 10 days, 2 weeks, a month – especially during this time of year. But what happens when that New Year’s resolution enthusiasm starts to slip? You need a plan that isn’t inconvenient, isn’t restrictive, can easily become part of your daily routine and accordingly, tastes good. A plan that doesn’t send you running to the grocery store multiple times a week, keeps you bent over the stove for hours, or requires you spending loads of money on one recipe.


To me, being healthy means being supported by an eating regime that isn’t a fad diet, but rather a lifestyle that easily fits into your everyday routine – it’s nutrition made simple, convenient and maintainable. Enter my Whitness Fitness eating plan and recipes. Through the plan, I address yourimmediate needs – allowing you to walk away with results to keep you motivated and encouraged; and your lifelong needs – supplying you with a knowledge base that creates a solid framework to guide your decisions for the rest of your life.


But I can’t promote something to you to that I haven’t done myself, right? So, in November, I set myself to creating a collection of recipes that used the same ingredients and could fit into my client’s every day routine. I paired my nutrition plan with Advocare supplements and consistently started doing the same type of workouts that I teach 5-6x/week. The results?


November 2 – 148 lbs. and 23.7% body fat 


Shoulders 41”

Arms 11”

Right Leg 24.5”

Belly Button 31”

Hips 34.75”

Butt 40”


Most Recent – 143 lbs. and 21.3% body fat


Shoulders 40” (1” lost)

Arms 10.5” (1/2” lost)

Leg 22.5” (2” lost)

Belly Button 28.75” (2.25” lost)

Hips 32.5” (2.25” lost)

Butt 38.75” (1.25” lost)



That’s 9.25 total inches, 5 pounds of fat and a loss of 2.4% body fat. My body is bursting with energy and it makes me WANT to workout. If you take my classes, you already workout like I do – I teach how I like to train. 3-4 times a week, I do high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts with weights created by my husband, Regan (my boot camp classes are all HIIT). I also do barre3 3x per week and always take one day off. As you can see – pairing proper nutrition and exercise will turn your body an efficient fat-burning machine.


So the real question is… ARE YOU READY? Are you 100% willing and able to make this commitment for yourself? Because this isn’t about changing your body now, in 2 weeks, or for a month – it’s about creating lasting foundation for lifetime health. Real change, that’s maintainable – PUT MO IN, GET MO OUT.