Archive | May 2012

10 Minutes to Fire Up Your Core


Got 10 minutes? Try this core burning circuit, each pair of exercises do back-to-back, 2x through then move on to the next:
(1) 30 sec plank & 15 push ups
(2) 20/side bicycles & 12/side side plank with core rotation (from side plank with top arm extended, use core to turn chest to face towards ground, reaching arm underneath, then return to SP)
(3) 20/side mountain climbers & 15 full body roll ups

[(c) Macks Mo, LLC // 2012]

Be a Light in this World


Every day, you have the opportunity to brighten someone’s day. Have you ever noticed that when you say ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’ to someone, if s/he responds in an enthusiastic, “excited to see you” tone that your mood suddenly lifts as well? We feel a little lighter, noticed, appreciated or special. I know I do! Our attitude and how we treat people is a direct reflection of our world view. So choose today, tomorrow and every day to brighten someone’s day – a smile or nice gesture can go a long way and I’m sure you’ll find that it comes back around as well!