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Are you preparing to fail?

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail” — John Wooden.

This guy knew what was up; and it’s true for any facet of your life. For me, when I take the time on Sunday to plan out the week’s meals and prepare snacks & lunch for each day, I face each new day set up to succeed. If I have snacks ready, I’m not going to make a last-minute unhealthy grab based on an impulse. I’m not going to let my energy levels drop by going more than 3 hours without fueling my body. When you don’t prepare, make time and plan out your nutrition, there will always be a million excuses as to why you “can’t”; or…why you keep failing.

The same holds true for exercise. Start each day KNOWING when you’re going to move your body and build it into your day. Pack your gym clothes the night before, along with your lunch & snacks. Plan your day around your exercise, instead of finding time for exercise sometime during your day — because there will again, always be an excuse as to why you don’t “have time.” Also, have a PLAN FOR your workouts — whether it’s taking a class or doing your own routine, schedule an amount of time it’s going to take and stick to it. All of the workouts we post here, for example are all under 30 minutes. And everyone can set aside 30 minutes, especially once you know it’s only going to take…30 minutes. 🙂

So, give yourself a heads start and set yourself up for success! Find a method and routine that works for you and hold yourself accountable — because remember…when you fail to prepare, you have no one to blame for the failure, than YOUR lack of preparation.

We’d love to hear what ways you prepare or even ways you fail — once we identify where we’re going wrong, then we can seek a solution, right?! And it’s always great to learn from each other!

Little by Little…

Little by Little

Great mantra for all things in life – fitness, health, love, relationships, work…you name it. Progress doesn’t happen immediately and sometimes it’s frustrating that we don’t “see” results right away from our efforts, BUT if we keep due diligence, a little becomes a lot and suddenly all your hard work pays off. If you put in the work and stay committed, the results will come!

But I don’t want to be “THAT” friend…

I don’t know if all 27 of these would make the “cut” in my book, BUT this article touches on some key downfalls that people make – especially in the nutrition arena. []

#11 (using only exercise to try to shed weight), #17 (thinking that “healthy packaging” = a healthy food product) AND #22 (surround yourself with healthy friends) are all really great.

And today, I want to touch a little more on that last one — your social circle. Friends, co-workers and family all play a role in your health. Why? Because when we DO things with other people, the likelihood of being influenced by these people greatly increases — and so enters our old friend: peer pressure.


And you thought it all went away once high school and college were behind you…think again. Meeting “out” – for happy hour, meals or drinks with our social network has become part of the societal norm. And with this norm comes lower-quality and fat-loaded food options (nachos & calamari, anyone?), along with your best pal that wants you to indulge the same way s/he does. People who outright refuse alcohol, appetizers or certain foods always get asked, “why aren’t you drinking now?”; “why are you dieting?” or perhaps you’ve been told, “one drink won’t kill you” or “you don’t need to lose any weight, you look great!” (a common booster from one gal pal to another, right?). Not to insinuate that your social network is miserable by any means, but “misery LOVES company” — meaning if you’re with people who are eating poorly, they don’t want to feel guilty when you eat healthy, SO they try to flip the switch and guilt trip YOU into doing what they’re doing.

Clients have told me a million times over: “I don’t want to be ‘THAT FRIEND’ ” – the one that orders separate, refuses drinks and seems down-right “dull” now that they follow a healthy eating lifestyle.

BUT at the end of the day, your dinner or happy hour pal doesn’t have to live in your body – only you do. So, ultimately the decision is yours. If someone else is eating poorly, snacking on nachos and margaritas (don’t get me wrong, I love both of these…as a treat!), they will ALWAYS want you to partake and pressure you to do so. Because truth be told, people know when they are not making healthy choices (at least when it comes to creamy alfredo pastas, greasy pizza, cheesy nachos and the like) – so they want to feel better about their poor decision by having you share it with them; and that’s the bottom line. So back to #22 — it’s SO important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Ones who will encourage, boost and support your healthy choices. And likewise, your job, as a friend or family member is to enroll people IN your lifestyle. It can be a challenge, but one that’s worth tackling – b/c it’s your life, your body and ultimately, your health. Can we all get on board with that?