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Macks Mo 2.0 : Results You Want in Two Weeks


As fitness fanatics ourselves, Regan and I understand the desire to find workout and nutritional programming that works…wherever we are. For the last four months, we’ve been working on creating Macks Mo 2.0 — a 2 week program designed to burn fat, build muscle tone and increase your cardiovascular endurance. The workouts are all balanced and leave your body feeling stronger, totally wiped and buzzing all at the same time. The workouts are accompanied by video tutorials for each exercise, as well as detailed descriptions on the focus and purpose of each workouts.

In 14 days, you also get complete nutritional guidance – including a grocery list with all new and orginal recipes. You’ll be eating real, whole foods the entire time, giving your body the fuel it needs to “macks”-imize all the hard word you’re putting in on the exercise end.

With exercise and nutrition specifically paired together, this program will help you achieve your best fitness and body possible in a short period of time! Regan and I can both speak to you from experience, as we went through the program ourselves before its launch. As individuals, we both pride ourselves on being in good shape. Bu Macks Mo 2.0 took our fitness and body image to a new level. No matter how “good” we are with our nutrition, each and every one of us can stand to clean it up a little. And this “little” [or a lot, in some cases J ], makes a big difference – as you can see in our “after” photos. In terms of fitness, having workouts specifically designed to get you to a certain goals helps streamline your efforts and not only “macks”-imize your time, but also your results.

So, if you’ve got two weeks to fully dedicate yourself [because the efficiency of the program is only as effective as its complete execution], check it out. It can change your body, the way you approach food and quite possibly change the way you workout and see yourself, forever.

Check out a video tutorial here:

AND BUY THE PROGRAM AT: by clicking “SIGN UP HERE” on our home page. Once you’ve purchased the plan, send an email to and we’ll get you started!IMG_8008

Living in the Moment


Things can change in the blink of an eye. Yesterday was an awesome day for me. Well, half the day. I woke up and had the opportunity to lead 700 people in the opening warm up/stretch at the 2012 Walk for Wishes/Fun Run 5K to benefit the incredible Make-a-Wish Foundation. Then I ran the 5K in what was, for me, record time – 19:04. If you don’t know this about me, one of my current goals is to run a 6 minute mile. Every Monday, Regan and I run a mile together, as fast as we can. On Wednesdays we run 400’s and 100’s, Fridays is 800’s day and Saturday or Sunday, we do a 2.5 mile run in Lincoln Park. We do all these things, because, well #1 in and of themselves, they are all great workouts, but #2 as part of our method of training to get my mile time down to that 6 minute mark (I’m currently at 6:14). So, running a 5k that fast, maintaining around a 6:22 mile for 3.13 miles was exhilarating for me [and my goal going in was to get under 21 min]. Following the run, it got even better — I got to watch a real wish be granted to Make-a-Wish kid, Gage. His wish was to be a police officer for a day (which he did Saturday) and the culmination of this wish ended with him arriving in a helicopter to the finish of the race, courtesy of the Bellevue Police Department, where he was then inducted as an honorary police officer. It was an incredible experience to be a part of and to watch the pure joy on Gage’s face. Needless to say, when I left Marymoor Park to head home, I was feeling on top of the world – and very lucky. Both in that I feel like my life is truly blessed and that I am healthy and able to do all the things I dream of asking my body to do.


Then, while driving home on I-90 West through the Mercer Tunnel, traffic stopped dead [as it tends to do in Seattle while people merge – don’t even get me started…]. I didn’t have to slam on my breaks and was lucky that I was following far enough behind the person in front of me that I was able to stop easily about 5 feet behind her. Then I looked in my rear view mirror because somehow, I had a feeling it was coming. I saw the guy barreling down and knew he was gonna hit me. And he did – at an estimated 50mph [according to the collision guy who assessed the damage to my car], smashing my trunk up to the back seat of my car and sending my car into the gal in front of me. BOOM. Just like that – impact. The Honda is toast.


So like I said, things can change in the blink of an eye. Don’t worry – I’m doing alright, minus a few symptoms that could be expected from an accident of this nature [and praying that these alleviate themselves & nothing really serious pops up later!]. I realize that I am very lucky to come out how I did, especially with how fast the gentleman who hit me was going. Later that day, when I was laying on the couch “watching” [insert smiley face], the Steelers-Raiders game with Regan, wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey was knocked out cold off a helmet-to-helmet hit and taken off the field in a stretcher [don’t worry, he’s okay now too]. And it got me thinking – we wake up every day, never knowing what the day will hold. Whether some “accident” will stop life as we know it; although in both mine & Heyward-Bey’s cases, it thankfully did not. Or it could be an awesome day all day long. It could be a stressful and wearing day that leaves us broken down. It could be a day that changes our lives forever – good or bad. We don’t always have control over the events that occur in our life; but we can, in most cases, control the outcome of the situation and its impact upon our lives. Or moreover, we can control how we approach every single day – whether or not something “good or bad” happens. I thought about my morning before the accident – the conversations I’d had, the way I’d given [or not given] my time. If I left this world today, would I be happy with my legacy? Would my friends, family and clients know how much they mean to me and how much they’ve impacted MY life? Would my husband know that he is my world and literally MAKES my life? Would my parents know that their generosity, unconditional love, faith and spirit continually inspire me? Would my brother know how in awe I am of his abilities and passions or my sister know how deeply I believe that she will make a serious impact on this world? And there are so many more, aren’t there?


What do I present to the world and those I love? Too many times, I have saved the “best version of myself” for clients, pouring my energy into my work, only to reserve my impatience, frustrations or agitations for family members and my husband. That sounds bass-ackwards [if you get my drift], right?!


So — sometimes we need reminders to wake up. To live in the moment and make every second count; to tell those we love how much they mean to us and to go forth, sharing random acts of kindness with those around us – just because we can. So I challenge you now, after hearing my “wake up call”, to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. What does living in the moment mean? It means being present in our lives; listening without thinking of our next response or looking at our phones. It means taking the time to slow down, breathe deeply and appreciate the exact second in which you’re currently existing. It means looking outside our list of things to do and doing things that bring joy to ourselves and others. It’s actively stepping inside your life and outside of the hussle-bussle that consumes most of our days. Being present…in every moment.


How much love can you spread in a day? How many times can you share your smile and laughter? And most importantly, day in and day out, will you?