Building Momentum: 3 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Improve Your Health


To me, this word evokes power. The power to keep moving forward in the right direction. The strength that your past decisions provide your present and future. To me, momentum is created through the summation of countless small choices that add up to creating a life and body you love.

Momentum ChallengeRegan and I created Macks Mo because we believe in the power of momentum.  It starts, however, with MOtivation – motivation that makes us set goals to live a better, more healthful life. This motivation gets the ball rolling – begins our journey, so to speak. We then help you set these goals into MOtion by giving you a blueprint on how to successfully begin moving towards them. Each small step along the way builds your momentum to make these new practices a habit. Habits help make healthy “ordinary”. Part of your daily life. And when you practice something daily, it becomes your new normal, your ground-zero approach to how to look at, handle and move through life. This is what we want for you and OUR purpose in creating this business.

Through the combination of both our expertise’s, Regan and I have created our signature Macks Mo Method – a customizable framework that teaches you how to build your own lasting health momentum. To give you a better idea of what the heck I’m talking about, I wanted to share a piece of our Macks Mo Method with you today – including how I’ve built my own health momentum and three things (we’ll call them “MOrsels”) that can help you improve your health right now and begin building your own health momentum.

Over the last three years, in my own personal journey of health and also my career journey as a fitness professional, I have done extensive research on food, food psychology, food theories, living the fullest & happiest life, fitness methods and nutrition science [as it relates to food]. In May 2013, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition [the largest nutrition school in the world] to become a holistic health coach. Over those three years, my relationship with food has shifted, my perception of myself has grown, my body has become stronger & more balanced, and my life has expanded with happiness and gratitude. I have maintained the same [healthy] weight for over 3 years, while increasing muscle tone and strength, lost body fat and increased my energy levels ten-fold.

But it was ALL a journey. There were ups, downs, detours and hiccups. I decided that I wanted to learn more about health & nutrition, but that I also wanted to figure out what worked FOR ME. Believe it or not, there is no blanket approach, theory or method that works for everyone. One person’s food could be another’s poison; and my choice method of exercise could be counterproductive to your body’s needs.

We all want a quick fix – we drink coffee or energy drink to get energy NOW, we go on restrictive diets we know we can’t maintain and that don’t make sense long term because we want to lose weight NOW, we work work work ourselves to death NOW because we tell ourselves there is time to live “later”. But the truth is, what you’re creating in your life RIGHT NOW is shaping your future. And whatever your life and body looks like right now is a direct reflection of your past actions. It didn’t happen overnight, so it accordingly makes sense that the results we want to create in our life also won’t happen overnight. So, I offer to you a new way. One that you can start today to begin feeling better + gain energy & mental clarity, whose positive impacts with compound over time to create not only big changes, but lasting ones. It’s not a quick fix; but it’s the only one that works, I can promise you that.

beets and brussels sproutsMO-rsel#1: EAT REAL FOOD from its most natural source, unaltered by nature whenever possible. This includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains and humanely-raised protein [grass-fed, free range, pastured]. This, as you may guess, excludes 90% of the food on grocery store shelves that come in boxes, bags, cans and jars. If it is not a whole real food in and of itself [like an apple or stalk of celery], then it should be composed of all real ingredients – words/food you know and could make in your own kitchen. If you don’t recognize an ingredient and can’t pronounce it, then it shouldn’t be in your body. If it was created in a science lab, the same rule applies – it shouldn’t be in your body. This includes all artificial, chemically-created and processed junk. Why? Because our body was created to eat, digest and use food that it recognizes. Food should be nourishment; and nourishment sustains us [keeping our energy levels steady] vs. making us ill. Artificial or chemically-created anything will wreak havoc on your body and make you ill – physically, mentally or both. Our bodies need real-life, real food nutrients from nutrient-dense food [like the real food listed above] to feel and operate better.

Drinking-WaterMO-rsel#2: It’s also important to drink lots of water because “it increases yin, making the body light & airy, and expanding energy through the whole system. If you are too yang – too tight or contracted, suffering from stress, headaches or bodily tension, you may want to try increasing your water intake to balance these symptoms. In addition, cravings for sweet (yin) foods may actually be signs of dehydration [so] drinking more wanter may reduce or eliminate [these] cravings” (exerted from Integrative Nutrition by Joshua Rosenthal). You’ll find drinking more water will increase your energy and keep your digestive functions more regular. MO-rsel “2b” is that you have to chew more. Chew, chew, chew until your food becomes “water in your mouth”. Chewing your food triggers digestion and improves the process along the way, allows you to taste & enjoy your food, while additionally helping to foster the mind-stomach connection to stop eating when we’re full. If you could do one thing right now to help improve digestive issues, this is it.

Wiggle Room: Now for every guideline to work, there must be wiggle room. Meaning, that if you make these guidelines hard-fast rules, you will fall flat on your face and fail in your attempts to make them a lifelong habit. Eating real food [chewing that food a lot] and drinking lots of water should be a habit you practice most of the time, like 85%. It’s your go-to, your “normal”, your foundation. It’s the way you eat. If you leave yourself the 15% wiggle room for the “other” types of foods, you’ll find that balance comes effortlessly. Seeking perfection in this arena (i.e. 100% real food) often leads to deprivation, guilt, destruction and bingeing. All things I want to keep FAR from my world…you?

IMG_6750MO-rsel#3: [Almost] daily MOvement (are you noticing the “mo” trend yet?). We like to use the term movement because the mode of exercise that feels and works best in your body can and will be different than others. It will also change based on time, age and where we’re at in our lives. Depending on our competitive background, athletic prowess, genetic make-up, structural build, physical goals, starting place [and countless other factors], different modalities of movement will work best for you. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned in developing a deeper relationship with my body is to listen to what it needs and engage in many different forms of movement. Movement encompasses walking, running, sprinting, hiking, skiing, lifting weights, chasing after your kids, yoga, Pilates…you name it. Just move. Make it a part of your daily life and do what feels best for you. Today might be yoga, tomorrow might be sprints. Maybe you don’t run at all, but get an endorphin high after a challenging yoga class. The goal is to create a balanced body – equally challenging your cardiovascular and muscular systems, riding the edge of being uncomfortable enough to create change, but engaged enough to feel the right muscles working.

MOMENTUM. It’s all about creating a life you want. Macks-imizing your MOtivation to set into MOtion the goals you want to accomplish in order to create a life and body you love. That’s what we’re all about.

*For more information on programs we offer, check out our website here. We’d love to share our Macks Mo Method with you! If you missed our Momentum Challenge [which launched this Jan], don’t worry – you can still participate in the program outside the “challenge dates!” Email me ( for more information or be on the lookout for other Macks Mo programs launching later this year like our Partner Power program [a complete lifestyle, nutrition and exercise program designed for couples to build their health momentum together], the re-launch of my new signature 28 Day Program and more Momentum Group Challenges/Coaching Sessions. Whatever your M.O. – we’d love to support you in your journey!

MO LOVE – Whitney

About Whitney Mack of Macks Mo

Whitney Mack is a holistic nutrition health coach, fitness + movement specialist, feel good fanatic and founder of Macks Mo - a healthy living business that empowers busy women and mommas to connect to their desires and they want to feel daily in order to macks-imize joy, freedom, vibrancy, energy and ease. Through her programs + services, she uses real food, movement and signature health coaching strategies to guide clients in creating a more meaningful and fulfilled life (soulful, joyful, healthful) through nourishment and love. And turns out, as their love grows (for their life, themselves, their spirit), their body intuitively sheds the mental + physical weight holding them back from a life and body they're excited about.

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