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Why It’s Important to Celebrate You.

In my line of work – as a fitness professional and holistic lifestyle + nutrition coach, the New Year brings about a time of business excitement and growth. People have “made it through” the holiday season and are ready to commit [or re-commit] to a healthy lifestyle rooted within daily movement and eating “better”. Although, I enjoy the renewed excitement around health, most of the propaganda and language that surround the beginning of a new year just rubs me the wrong way.

Little SecretWhere Regan and I differ from a great majority of fitness and health businesses is that we believe that any action you take towards health should serve your life in a functional, positive way. I’m going to let you in on a little something the fitness and health industry don’t want you to know — working out doesn’t really help you lose weight. It definitely helps create energy and can certainly aide in your efforts to build muscle definition, but the constant state of “killing yourself” at the gym and punishing yourself for food eaten will never, ever help you lose weight. And dieting certainly won’t help you keep weight off in the long haul either. The only way to create lasting health is to find movement you enjoy that supports your body to make you feel better and to eat from a place of self-love vs. self-loathing. And that’s where most New Year’s diet + exercise programs fail you. They draw you in with the language that “you’re not good enough” as you are right now – capitalizing on the fact that you believe you’ll be happier when you’re slimmer with a different body than you have right now. And I have a problem with that.

Why? Because if we’re constantly seeking to change ourselves from a place of belief that we’re not beautiful and enough as we are right now, then we will never be able to create lasting health and happiness. It’s this belief that the diet + exercise industries are banking on in order to continue to generate revenue – you believing that you need them to help you create health because you can’t do it on your own and you’re not enough as you are right now. At Macks Mo, Regan and I are on a mission to change that. And it’s what this year’s annual group challenge is all about. Celebrating you as you are right now, nourishing your body from the inside out with self-love and empowering you to become the master of your own health. No one knows what feels and works best in your body better than you – and trying to force dietary changes or exercise modalities that don’t feel good will never last. So in creating this Challenge, it was our goal to give you to the tools to love + listen. To celebrate you – as you are and also empower you to wherever you want to go, but in a supportive and lasting way. The 2015 Macks Mo Celebration Challenge equips you with the knowledge + support to take full responsibility for your own health + happiness, instead of having to rely on or even pay attention to the latest diet or exercise trend.

You are a GiftWhen we sat down to create this year’s challenge, our main goal was to show our clients that the pursuit of their own health didn’t need to come in extreme ways. And in fact, engaging in extreme measures is often counter-productive to long-lasting changes. We wanted to demonstrate that in order to truly create a life you love – where you’re fit to handle anything life throws at you [physically, emotionally + mentally] – that you have to stop waiting on the weight and instead start celebrating all you can do right now and who you are right now. You are a gift and you are enough — regardless of how you look, what job you hold, what habits you’d like to kick or what changes you’d like to create [physical or otherwise]. And this Challenge is our way of throwing you a New Year’s party to celebrate that.

Unique to Macks Mo programming, the 2015 Celebration Challenge contains lifestyle + health coaching videos that center around deepening your connection to your body’s intuition, empowering you to become an expert in your own health while shedding excess [physical + emotional] weight along the way. We’ll teach you to live more fully by tuning into the bio-individual signs + signals your body sends, which helps create your own unique blueprint of what vibrant health looks like.

As always, our Challenges consist of online nutrition + workout components. Regan and I do this because we understand that sometimes we all need a little help to begin our journey and add ease to the process of stepping into better health + creating lasting, positive habits. The nutrition program is rooted in delicious, seasonal recipes that create glowing energy and support your body’s needs. The programming is vegetarian-friendly and primarily gluten- + dairy free [with modifications to make it completely so if needed] with weekly grocery lists and guided prep work to maximize your time. For our workout programming, Regan wanted to guide you in the process of finding what movement feels best in your body. As such, he created 8 brand new workouts [complete with beginner’s modifications] of varying exercise modalities – there’s yoga, strength training, high-intensity power circuits, full-body endurance training and even a safe Crossfit-style workout – each workout complete with exercise video tutorials + written guidelines. There’s also specific challenges at the end of each workout that give you a baseline to measure progress and get you out of your comfort zone, into the heart-pumping space of feeling alive in the strength + possibilities your body has right now.

This Challenge is for YOU if:

  • You’re tired of trying {fad} diet after diet with no lasting results. Sick of the yo-yo diet cycle, you’re fed up with feeling out of control in your food choices + emotions.
  • Negative emotions – like worry, guilt, shame, stress and fear are an integral part of your daily life, along with negative self-talk. You beat yourself up for how you look, how you eat + decisions you make, then punish yourself with extreme exercise or restrictive measures.
  • You think you’re healthy, but you don’t feel vibrant and struggle to find the energy to get through the day. You know you’re irritable and moody, unmotivated and lack mental focus but can’t seem to get “out of the funk”.
  • You feel like you eat well and know you workout hard, but still aren’t seeing the results you want. You’re frustrated and constantly beating yourself up for not being able to “get it right”.
  • You “know what to do” to be healthy, but struggle with finding the motivation to consistently follow through.
  • You’re confused and overwhelmed by all the exercise + diet information out there and need help deciphering the information to create a plan of what physically works for you.
  • You want to upgrade or spice up your food choices, learn to eat seasonally and experience the difference of eating in line with food energetics that support your body.
  • You sleep “well”, but still wake up fatigued, needing pick-me-ups like coffee and sweets to get you through.
  • You want to increase your productivity + mental clarity.
  • You’re tired of feeling heavy and bloated or suffering from other physical issues like indigestion, gas, headaches + overall body fatigue.
  • You’re always thinking about food – categorizing it as “good” or “bad” and are constantly worried about the repercussions of your food decisions.
  • You feel like a teenager again, but not in a good way – suffering from acne or other skin related issues.
  • Cravings rule your life – you have a “sweet tooth that’s out of control” or images of carbs that dance in your head. You need coffee in the AM to get you moving and PM to keep you going.
  • You want to make health an integral part of your life, but not have it “rule” your life and suck up all your time.
  • You feel like “something is missing” from your life, but can’t figure it out. You want to add meaning and purpose to your life.
  • You struggle with balancing the “fun” in your life – eating out, hanging out and eating healthy don’t fit together.
  • You “do good” during the week, but struggle to maintain balance on the weekends – thus feel like you’re starting over every Monday.

If you are any or all of these things, this Challenge was created for you. Created not so that you can experience “health” as you know it now, but to instead create a dynamic balance in your life that shifts and changes as you do, unique to your individualized needs. You see, at Macks Mo, know how important it is to make you fit for life and all it throws at you. We understand our circumstances change and we go through various stages of growth + stressors. And you need a health plan that’s meant to weather all the seasons of your life — allowing you to have vibrant energy amidst both the easer and more challenging times.

Celebrate Who You Are and Where You're GoingCreating this vibrant energy involves a whole health approach that encompasses your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. It focuses on changing your inner landscape so that the external changes you make [like eating healthy + working out] actually stick and make a difference. We want you to be inspired and full of energy all the live long days – because if you’re always tired, feeling like crap or frustrated with where you’re “at”, then life is no fun. That’s why we think it’s time to approach the New Year from a different perspective — time to celebrate where you’re at and where you desire to go, not to loathe the process of creating it with extreme measures that don’t even last through January. So if you’re ready to finally let that go – let go of the control you’re trying to exercise on your life to “be” healthy and instead learn the steps to actually LIVE it, then I would love to have you join us for the 2015 Celebration Challenge.

To sign up for the Challenge and learn more about the various levels at which you can enter [based on your needs], CLICK HERE! The Challenge begins Wednesday, January 7th when you’ll begin receiving your material and officially kicks off Monday, Jan 12th, running 5 weeks to Saturday, Feb. 14th.

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14 Tips to Support a Thriving Holiday Season

Thriving. How many of you would describe your holidays like this?
Vibrant. Is this a good description of your health at the moment?

During the holidays, more often than not, we’re just trying to “get through” to the new year. Letting the bustle of the holidays interfere with our self-care, healthful eating and daily movement that keep us feeling nourished from the inside-out. I get it. The holidays can be tough and there’s certainly a lot going on. But we believe that it doesn’t have to be that way. Like all things, we have the power to choose our “busy” and decide [to some degree] the things we do and don’t have time for. In November, we launched our Holiday Helper series – our first-ever free 2-week series to create a thriving holiday season. Included in it were 2 free bodyweight workouts [that included exercise video tutorials + written guidelines to measure and track progress], 5 delicious real-food, seasonal recipes and 14 tips + tools to help you feel vibrant.

We created this series because we think your holidays should be filled with the people + things you love instead of the worry, guilt, shame and punishment that often accompany this season when it comes to food, fitness and your lifestyle choices. Like all things we do at Macks Mo, my heart went into creating this series because it’s my passion to help you create a life you love and a body you feel good in – now and always. As you are and in support of any goals you have. And it’s so important to me that this information reaches you that I decided to also share it on our blog today. To serve you in creating vibrant health right now and as we move into the New Year. And if you like these tips + tools, I have even better news. We think that your WHOLE year should be like this, so come 2015, for our annual group challenge, we’re going to be celebrating you. You as you are, you in what you wish to create in your life and the goals you’re striving towards. Stay tuned post-Christmas for more details — you won’t want to miss this, trust me.

– Read each tip in detail by CLICKING HERE to view our Holiday Helpers Closing packet. Or reach each individual tip below. –

  1. The greatest power you have is the power to choose. Read more here:
  2. Examine the road blocks holding you back from experiencing vibrant health. Read more here:
  3. Feed your body with a different type of food. Read more here:
  4. Eat REAL food. Read more here:
  5. Preparation is key, set yourself up for success at the beginning of each week. Read more here:
  6. Don’t skip meals. Read more here:
  7. Stop giving energy to the things you don’t want. Read more here:
  8. Get moving. Engage in [almost] daily movement. Read more here:
  9. Grab your partner or a buddy! Read more here:
  10. Love what you love. And leave the rest. Read more here:
  11. Establish a morning wake-up and evening wind-down routine. Read more here:
  12. Sleep. Read more here:
  13. Make self-care a priority. Read more here:
  14. Practice gratitude. Read more here:

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Burn It to Earn It, Right? WRONG.

Christmas is just around the corner. All the holiday cookies, parties and gatherings are coming to a climax. All around me during this time of year, I hear people talking about burning off the calories they’ve consumed [or plan to]. It’s engrained into our psyche that in order to eat + enjoy food during the holiday season, we have to “earn it” by “burning it”.

And it drives. me. nuts.

Pardon my French, but this way of thinking is complete bullsh*t. That’s right – a big crock of BS — and one that certainly won’t leave you feeling good in your own skin, tuned into your body’s needs, desires + signals. 

Move Your Body to Feel GoodAt Macks Mo, Regan and I believe that there is room for enjoying the things you love without having to worry about how or where you’re going to burn that love off. You see, this burn to earn mentality is part of a shame cycle that creates negative energy around both food and fitness. You feel guilty about the foods you eat, so believe you must “punish yourself” for enjoying them. I am of the philosophy that you should move your body to feel good – to create energy, increase blood flow + oxygen, deepen your breathing, balance out your body and feel the vibrance of being alive + strong. I don’t believe in practice or mentality of “killing yourself in the gym”  – and believe that this just adds more tension + stress to your life vs. letting movement be an outlet that gives you access to a deeper connection with your body.

And that’s what we need more of – connecting deeper to our body’s needs, desires and signals to learn how to better support our own personal health journey. To know that in order to increase our well-being, we must approach health from a positive, enriched and nourished place instead of a negative, self-deprecating and shame-inducing space.

So as we move through the end of the holiday season and into a new year, I ask that you give yourself the gift of approaching your health from a little different perspective. First, determine the things you love about the holiday season. What fills you up? Determine the food and/or drinks that you truly LOVE and make room for those, but be willing to let go of the others. Then let yourself feel good about enjoying them without guilt or shame. When you move your body [which we encourage you to do in some way on an {almost} daily basis], choose things you look forward to. Be it a walk, hike, skiing, lifting weights, yoga or chasing after your kids, let it lift you up and be surrounded with feelings of your inner strength, power and love. Give yourself grace to grow, make mistakes and forgive. And most of all, listen. Listen to all the wonderful ways in which your body communicates with you on a daily basis. If you’re feeling sluggish, be your own health detective and seek out ways to energize your mind + body. Engage in activities + decisions that come from a place of self-love and you’ll never have to feel bad about making them. I promise. Love your body and it will love you back. Celebrate all the blessings in your life and the fact that you have the power to choose.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays and sending MY love to you. 

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