Burn It to Earn It, Right? WRONG.

Christmas is just around the corner. All the holiday cookies, parties and gatherings are coming to a climax. All around me during this time of year, I hear people talking about burning off the calories they’ve consumed [or plan to]. It’s engrained into our psyche that in order to eat + enjoy food during the holiday season, we have to “earn it” by “burning it”.

And it drives. me. nuts.

Pardon my French, but this way of thinking is complete bullsh*t. That’s right – a big crock of BS — and one that certainly won’t leave you feeling good in your own skin, tuned into your body’s needs, desires + signals. 

Move Your Body to Feel GoodAt Macks Mo, Regan and I believe that there is room for enjoying the things you love without having to worry about how or where you’re going to burn that love off. You see, this burn to earn mentality is part of a shame cycle that creates negative energy around both food and fitness. You feel guilty about the foods you eat, so believe you must “punish yourself” for enjoying them. I am of the philosophy that you should move your body to feel good – to create energy, increase blood flow + oxygen, deepen your breathing, balance out your body and feel the vibrance of being alive + strong. I don’t believe in practice or mentality of “killing yourself in the gym”  – and believe that this just adds more tension + stress to your life vs. letting movement be an outlet that gives you access to a deeper connection with your body.

And that’s what we need more of – connecting deeper to our body’s needs, desires and signals to learn how to better support our own personal health journey. To know that in order to increase our well-being, we must approach health from a positive, enriched and nourished place instead of a negative, self-deprecating and shame-inducing space.

So as we move through the end of the holiday season and into a new year, I ask that you give yourself the gift of approaching your health from a little different perspective. First, determine the things you love about the holiday season. What fills you up? Determine the food and/or drinks that you truly LOVE and make room for those, but be willing to let go of the others. Then let yourself feel good about enjoying them without guilt or shame. When you move your body [which we encourage you to do in some way on an {almost} daily basis], choose things you look forward to. Be it a walk, hike, skiing, lifting weights, yoga or chasing after your kids, let it lift you up and be surrounded with feelings of your inner strength, power and love. Give yourself grace to grow, make mistakes and forgive. And most of all, listen. Listen to all the wonderful ways in which your body communicates with you on a daily basis. If you’re feeling sluggish, be your own health detective and seek out ways to energize your mind + body. Engage in activities + decisions that come from a place of self-love and you’ll never have to feel bad about making them. I promise. Love your body and it will love you back. Celebrate all the blessings in your life and the fact that you have the power to choose.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays and sending MY love to you. 

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About Whitney Mack of Macks Mo

Whitney Mack is a holistic nutrition health coach, fitness + movement specialist, feel good fanatic and founder of Macks Mo - a healthy living business that empowers busy women and mommas to connect to their desires and they want to feel daily in order to macks-imize joy, freedom, vibrancy, energy and ease. Through her programs + services, she uses real food, movement and signature health coaching strategies to guide clients in creating a more meaningful and fulfilled life (soulful, joyful, healthful) through nourishment and love. And turns out, as their love grows (for their life, themselves, their spirit), their body intuitively sheds the mental + physical weight holding them back from a life and body they're excited about.

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