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Creating a Healthier You {5 Tips}

Today I came across an article from a fellow graduate of mine from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition {click here to read her original}, Robyn Youkilis that inspired this blog post. Her “5 Tips to a Healthier You”, featured in the Huffington Post, are foundational principles for our 2015 Celebration Challenge that just ended. But I wanted to share + expand on them for you so you can get a better idea of what you can expect and learn what we help you cultivate through our various Macks Mo programs {nutrition, lifestyle coaching and fitness-based}.

Creating a Healthier You#1: Declare Yourself Healthy NOW – unique to our Challenges + programs, we include lifestyle programming that helps you address internal roadblocks holding you back from experiencing vibrant health now {most of us tend to focus on external factors like food + fitness, but this is just one piece of the puzzle!} In our programming, we take you through creating present-tense affirmations {mantras} to help you manifest what you want right now instead of pushing it off into something you “want to do” but are “unable to”. We firmly believe in the Law of Attraction and the power of the thoughts you hold on a daily basis – whatever you believe will find a way to manifest itself into your life, both positive and negative. So, by focusing on how you want to FEEL, holding that close and using it as a compass to guide decisions, we can create what you want immediately versus seeing it something you’ll “get to” eventually. While creating vibrant health is a process, focusing on the now and affirming what you want in the present-tense works with your subconscious to make this your reality.

#2: Get Support – Health is a very personal journey. I both understand this and am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with our clients on an intimate level along their journey, in whatever capacity s/he needs + desires. The truth is, it’s hard to go-it alone. Having support around you makes the journey and your long-term success so much easier. Over the past few years, I’ve worked to cultivate a supportive community in my own life {friends + family} and it’s made sustaining my health more fun, simpler and even more enjoyable. Community is also what Regan and I have built our business on – both in our work in Seattle and online; because we know that there is power in numbers. And if you’re struggling with something, it’s likely that others are too. That’s why I LOVE our group Challenges and group Health Coaching Series – because the support is built-in. Regan and I can support you on an individual level, providing the framework for your transformation, while the buzz, excitement and honest discussions of the group can help accelerate your own progress exponentially.

#3: Take Your Time – As I said earlier, health is a journey. One where the deeper we dig, the more benefits we gain. One where the more patience, acceptance and grace we practice for ourselves, the easier changes stick. And certainly one where time is on our side. I can personally tell you that in regards to my own health, the years have been good to me – the more I learn about myself, the more open my heart is, the more willing I am to listen to my body’s needs – the more my vitality has grown, the clearer my head is and the more consistent my energy is. I believe that’s SO important to know and embrace. The less in a rush you are and the more focused you can be on how you want to feel, your inner power grows.

10389467_636560177046_1740788755850607128_n#4: Create Your Non-Negotiable’s – To me, non-negotiables mean defining your “normal”. Normal meaning the things you do on a daily basis because you just know they make you feel better. For me, I have three:

  • Daily affirmations and visualization {my meditation practice} that are included within my morning wake-up and evening wind-down routines.
  • {Almost} daily movement. We use the word “movement” because exercise is just a piece. We believe that the workouts you do should help cultivate energy, strength, body awareness, a deeper inner connection, balance {both physical + emotional} and both develop and maintain muscular + cardiovascular health, but movement also includes all the ways to move your body that you love – biking, skiing, hiking, chasing after your kids, walking or running, playing sports – not just hitting the gym for your usual 30-60 minute workout.
  • Eating food that makes me feel and look good inside and out. For me personally, that’s vegetables and greens whenever and wherever possible I can put them. It also means a variety of local, organic, pasture-raised and grass-fed meats and wild seafood, whole grains and an assortment of healthy fats. It means real, seasonal food that I cook in my kitchen and buy locally.

These are my “normal”, things I do {almost} daily and are an integral part of my life; essentially the foundation for my health. I practice them as daily self-care because I know their significance. It’s this shift – defining or perhaps re-defining your NORMAL to include the things you want to do because you know the difference in how they make you feel, think and act.

#5: Accept Yourself – Our 2015 Celebration Challenge in particular was built-on accepting yourself as you are RIGHT NOW and looking at each day as an opportunity to act based on how you want to feel – in this current moment. Living in the now brings your focus away from vanity and into vitality – and all the small changes and decisions you make in order to feel great will add up to lasting vibrant health. If you commit to cultivating it in your now, from where you are, any weight you’re holding onto {physical, emotional or otherwise} will begin to melt away without resistance. We believe that you are a gift and you are enough – regardless of how you look, what job you hold, what habits you’d like to kick or what changes you’d like to cultivate in your life. And through our Celebration Challenge and all Macks Mo programming, we help you celebrate that so you can grow from a place of self-love and nourishment.

If you missed the Challenge, but are still interested in the content, you’re in luck! The 5-week programming is still available for purchase. We decided to keep the program available because the content and concepts are near + dear to my heart and ones I am passionate about sharing with you because I want you to know how special you are {as you are} and to help you cultivate the health you desire. If you’d like more information about the Celebration Challenge content, visit to get all the details and then shoot an email to to get started. Sending love.

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What’s Food Got to Do with It?

When it comes to creating vibrant health and feeling great in your own skin, what you eat {and how you move your body} is definitely imperative; crucial in fact. The food you eat literally becomes your body – your blood, your cells, your tissues, your organs, your skin, your hair and even your thoughts. In essence, movement facilitates a flow of energy that permeates into all aspects of your life and your body is a compilation of everything you’ve taken in [all the food you’ve eaten] up to this point in time.

Celebration Food Collage #1Our 2015 Celebration Challenge is all about helping you cipher through all the confusing [and misleading] information about both food and movement, to find what works best for YOU. It means stepping outside any exclusive diet, way of eating or method of exercise and simply asking yourself – “how does this make me feel?” In the Challenge, I guide you through this process so that you can begin to create your own unique blueprint of vibrant health. From that, you’ll experience a ripple effect of positive energy + vibrancy that permeates into all aspects of your life – far beyond food and fitness.

The Celebration online nutrition programming provides you with a starting point, but it’s no diet plan. In it, you’ll find over 40 brand new recipes and guidelines that teach you the optimal foods for vitality + digestion,  how to shop and set up your kitchen for ease + quick go-to meals, along with tons of supporting articles +support to improve your real food IQ and make you the expert of your own health {so you can stop worrying about everything you “should do” and instead tune in to what makes you feel best!}.

You might be wondering — what kind of recipes would you be eating? All recipes are naturally gluten-free and mostly dairy-free Celebration Collage #2[with options to adjust based on your needs]. They are loaded with seasonal + fresh vegetables and rooted in real, whole foods created to energetically warm you up from the inside-out {and keep you in harmony with your environment}. Expect lots of crockpot {make-ahead} dishes, one-pot meals and warm winter salads.  There is no going to the grocery store to get tons of ingredients you’ll never use again – each recipe consists of simple ingredients you always have on hand. There are no restrictions and no extremes. Regan and I believe that keeping space for the things you love is not only imperative, but crucial in creating a balanced lifestyle where you both enjoy your food AND feel awesome all the time. To get your tastebuds watering, here’s a sampling of what you’ll see:

  • Crockpot Coconut Red Curry Soup
  • Maple Glazed Salmon
  • Honey-Lemon Crockpot Chicken
  • Marinara Baked Eggs over Wilted Chard
  • Adobe Shredded Pork in Yam Sammies
  • Crunchy Sesame-Almond Fish Sticks
  • Spicy Sausage, Chard + White Bean Chowder
  • Heart-Warming Vegetable Minestrone
  • Macks Mo Gum-balaya
  • Rosemary + Garlic Coconut Cream Sauce over Spaghetti Squash
  • Simple Garlic-Ginger Stir Fry
  • Carrot Ginger Soup
  • My Mom’s Famous Spaghetti {Squash} Pie
  • Beef Root Vegetable Stew
  • Pear, Butternut Squash + Crab Bisque
  • Toasted Brussels Sprouts Saute with Shittake Mushrooms
  • White Bean + Pesto Kale
  • Asian Stir-Fried Broccoli with Arame
  • Cauliflower Pilaf with Currants + Almonds
  • Warm Winter Slaw with Tahini Dressing
  • Creamy Garlic Mashed “Potatoes”
  • Roasted Root Vegetables over Balsamic Beet Greens
  • PLUS 13 Breakfast Recipes
  • And 10 Snack Recipes!

Learn more about the nutrition program {+ online workout programming} and the Celebration Challenge as a whole by CLICKING HERE. We offer 4 different levels at which you can join based on your needs.

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