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Channel Your Inner Athlete

[Written July 25, 2012].

When I think of Olympic athletes, I think graceful, athletic, powerful and determined.They are constantly working to better themselves at their sport — take off that extra tenth of a second to a sprint/race, perfect their landings when bounding/jumping, increase the height/distance of their leaps & jumps and so on…

So, in honor of these amazing athletes, I want you to channel your inner athlete. When you’re doing this workout, picture your favorite Olympic athlete training in the same way — how would they move? How would they explode/land? How powerful would their core be engaged through every movement and how focused would they be on maximizing every moment to reach their full potential? You don’t have to be in a sport to train like an athlete — in fact, to me, moving every day is my sport; and one that I intend to play & improve at for the rest of my life. How do you approach your workouts?


Do this workout 3x within the next week, trying to improve your #s each time within the tabata sets. A tabata set is 20 sec of work with 10 sec rest 8x; or if you’re alternating exercises, 4/exercise.

 (1) Hop on the treadmill at a 5% incline and run a steady pace @ 6-7mph for 2 min. If you’re outside, run “away” for one minute, then come back to where you’re working out (steady pace – faster than “jog”).

(2) Tabata #1 — alternate between these two exercises:

– Squat with DB Press

– Plank Chest Taps

*When you squat, keep the spine long with core engaged & weights at the shoulders. Ideally, if your flexibility & range of motion (ROM) allows, your goal is to tap elbow to knees. As you stand, push your feet into the floor and press the weights overhead into a shoulder press as you stand. When 20 sec is up, you have 10 sec to transition to a plank position. Feet should be a little wider than shoulder distance and the goal here is to not move the hips at all (i.e. lift or sway side to side). Alternate tapping right hand to left chest then left hand to right chest.

(3) Go back to the 2 min run on the treadmill as indicated in (1) or the run outside.

(4) Tabata #2 – alternate between these two exercises.

– Speed Skaters

– Triceps Push Ups

*Speed skaters = your chance to channel Apolo Ohno.  🙂  Leap to one side and land on your outside leg. Make sure to STICK the landing, landing in a single leg squat with the butt back, core engaged (braced against an imaginary punch) & spine long. As you’re landing, reach your opposite hand across towards the outside leg (so if you land on your left leg, reach right hand across). Make sure you keep the chest & gaze up, the reason you can reach the hand towards foot is because your knee & hip are bent into a squat. For the triceps push ups, do these on your knees with hands lined up like you’re going to do a plank. As you lower down, press the elbows down towards your hips, keeping shoulders away from the ears & tension out of your neck. Hug elbows in towards the midline of your body and push up from the back of your arms with core tight. Doesn’t matter how low you go — but more so that you don’t hold tension in your neck or sacrifice form for depth of the push up.

(5) Go back to the 2 min run on the treadmill as indicated in (1) or the run outside.

(6) Tabata #3 – alternate between these two exercises:

– Lunge hold with biceps curl

– High Knees

*For the lunges, alternate sides each time you get to the lunge. So, for example, start in a lunge with right leg forward & hold at the bottom while you do biceps curls. For curls, keep the elbows connected into waistline and don’t “swing” the weights. Lift through a controlled contraction of the biceps muscle. Once you’re 20 sec is up, you’d do a set of high knees. Make sure not to lean back and pull the knees up. Think more of driving heel towards butt as you lift the knees up, standing tall the entire time with core braced up. Treat the high knees like the fastest sprint you’ve ever done. Pump your arms and “run” hard. After 20 sec, next up is the biceps curl again, this time in a lunge with your left leg forward. Then high knees & back again to lunge with right leg forward. High knees, lunge with left leg forward and last high knees.

(5) For the last time, back to the 2 min run on the treadmill as indicated in (1) or the run outside.

(6) For the final thing, you have a set of building blocks push ups & bent over rows, starting at the #4 and going up to 12. Don’t be fooled by the low numbers at the beginning…  🙂

It looks like this: 4 bent over rows, 4 push ups, 5 bent over rows, 5 push ups, 6 bent over rows, 6 push ups…and so on until you’ve gotten to 12 bent over rows & 12 push ups.

*For the bent over rows, it is so so so important that you keep your spine from head to tailbone in one long line. As you fatigue, you will have the tendency to either round your upper back or arch through the low back. Keep the core as tight as you can — braced is if you’re about to be hit by a tsunami wave or get socked in the stomach by Queen Underwood (Female Olympic Boxer); yes, it needs to be THAT strong. To get in position for a bent over row, from standing, engage the core to lock the spine in its length & pull the shoulder blades down into your back pockets. Then bend the knees as you hinge at the hips and come ideally into a 90 degree angle at the hips (so that your back is flat like table. From there, use the muscles in between your shoulder blades to draw the weights towards your rib cage without arching the back!!! For push ups, your chest/belly buttom/pubic bone should all hit the ground at same time.

Workout shouldn’t take any longer than 40 minutes max max max. Your 2 minutes runs are your active recovery for the interval training done in the tabata sets. ENJOY! And embrace your inner athlete. GO USA!

10 Minutes to Fire Up Your Core


Got 10 minutes? Try this core burning circuit, each pair of exercises do back-to-back, 2x through then move on to the next:
(1) 30 sec plank & 15 push ups
(2) 20/side bicycles & 12/side side plank with core rotation (from side plank with top arm extended, use core to turn chest to face towards ground, reaching arm underneath, then return to SP)
(3) 20/side mountain climbers & 15 full body roll ups

[(c) Macks Mo, LLC // 2012]

Why Most “Diets” Fail, But You Don’t Have To

Whether aware of it or not, most individuals are on a perpetual, yo-yo diet; teetering between restrictive and binge eating, making more “exceptions” than healthy choices and always on the lookout for the next quick fix to our weight troubles. The problem with diets is that they are temporary. They don’t equip you with the tools and knowledge to create lasting, maintainable change within your body.


We are constantly flooded with books, articles, magazines, websites, advertisements and health professionals that want to tell us the newest, quickest and best way to eat. I do not claim to have the scientific knowledge or degree of a registered dietitian or nutritionist, but I do know that because of the instant gratification world we live in – where time is money, the single most important factor in creating a maintainable, healthful eating lifestyle is convenience. It’s easy to drum up motivation for 10 days, 2 weeks, a month – especially during this time of year. But what happens when that New Year’s resolution enthusiasm starts to slip? You need a plan that isn’t inconvenient, isn’t restrictive, can easily become part of your daily routine and accordingly, tastes good. A plan that doesn’t send you running to the grocery store multiple times a week, keeps you bent over the stove for hours, or requires you spending loads of money on one recipe.


To me, being healthy means being supported by an eating regime that isn’t a fad diet, but rather a lifestyle that easily fits into your everyday routine – it’s nutrition made simple, convenient and maintainable. Enter my Whitness Fitness eating plan and recipes. Through the plan, I address yourimmediate needs – allowing you to walk away with results to keep you motivated and encouraged; and your lifelong needs – supplying you with a knowledge base that creates a solid framework to guide your decisions for the rest of your life.


But I can’t promote something to you to that I haven’t done myself, right? So, in November, I set myself to creating a collection of recipes that used the same ingredients and could fit into my client’s every day routine. I paired my nutrition plan with Advocare supplements and consistently started doing the same type of workouts that I teach 5-6x/week. The results?


November 2 – 148 lbs. and 23.7% body fat 


Shoulders 41”

Arms 11”

Right Leg 24.5”

Belly Button 31”

Hips 34.75”

Butt 40”


Most Recent – 143 lbs. and 21.3% body fat


Shoulders 40” (1” lost)

Arms 10.5” (1/2” lost)

Leg 22.5” (2” lost)

Belly Button 28.75” (2.25” lost)

Hips 32.5” (2.25” lost)

Butt 38.75” (1.25” lost)



That’s 9.25 total inches, 5 pounds of fat and a loss of 2.4% body fat. My body is bursting with energy and it makes me WANT to workout. If you take my classes, you already workout like I do – I teach how I like to train. 3-4 times a week, I do high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts with weights created by my husband, Regan (my boot camp classes are all HIIT). I also do barre3 3x per week and always take one day off. As you can see – pairing proper nutrition and exercise will turn your body an efficient fat-burning machine.


So the real question is… ARE YOU READY? Are you 100% willing and able to make this commitment for yourself? Because this isn’t about changing your body now, in 2 weeks, or for a month – it’s about creating lasting foundation for lifetime health. Real change, that’s maintainable – PUT MO IN, GET MO OUT.