Our Purpose

Our purpose, explained…


MACKS MOmentum in Action = “PUT MO IN GET MO OUT”

Goals (MOtivation) create MOtion.

MOtion creates MOmentum.

MOmentum helps you to wisely examine every action to streamline a path to your goals.

And MOmentum creates the energy to accomplish MOre out of your life.

If you are MOtivated to accomplish a goal you will do whatever it takes to get there. Once you determine your goal, you must set that goal in MOtion. If you were given all the resources along with a step by step roadmap to those goals, what is to stop your MOmentum toward that goal? Follow us in our fitness journey, as we document and publish our workouts, nutrition, and health insight. Get MOre out of life and make fitness a lifestyle when you join our all-inclusive health community.

Regardless of experience, current fitness level, or time constraints, Macks Mo will help you start building fitness MOmentum that MOtivates you to get the MOst out of your life. This can and will look different for everybody. Getting the most out of your life might mean living without physical limitations, playing sports with your kids, running a half marathon, taking a hike without being breathless or going skiing. Whatever “being fit” looks like for you, we’ll get there together.

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